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If we were to go back in time just 35 years ago we never had to worry about toxic chemicals in our mattress because mattresses were primarily made of natural products such as rubber latex, non GMO organic cotton, wool, and other natural things such as horse hair and more.  However, today it is much different we have foam not made out of natural rubber but instead petrochemicals made from petroleum products and other chemicals that are unsafe. When you mix 100% chemicals it becomes a toxic soup of nasty chemical by-products our bodies consume and absorb either by inhaling or through the largest organ of your body, our skin. Typical foam mattresses break down turning into dust and entering your body through your nose or mouth. Children who are often found playing on the floor are more vulnerable to these chemicals as dust often settles on the floor. 

DID YOU KNOW? in 2007 The US Government mandated all mattresses to pass a flame burn test which started the one side mattress revolution, and the use of toxic chemical flame retardants due to the polyurethane foams high flammablility.
Knowing what you are sleeping on will effect your life now and forever as you age. The most popular flame retardants are known to be extreamly toxic. 


Problem: Knowing the chemicals in a mattress before buying. Typical sales professionals have no idea what chemicals are in a mattress, and often times resort to making things up on the spot.  
Soulution: Visit a true organic store who only specializes in non-toxic mattresses. 

The Dangers of an Average Mattress


All traditional mattresses are treated with toxic flame retardants to prevent household fires. Although chemical flame retardants were banned in other countries the U.S is still using them.


High levels of formaldehyde in the air can lead to a burning sensation, coughing, nausea, heart palpatations, neurotoxicity, cancer, damage to the lymphatic system & liver toxicity. 



Antimony is a chemical found in most major foam manufactures. Antimony is a poisionous chemical similar to arsenic. These chemicals can lead to miscarriage, reproductive issues, skin rashes, and brain fog. 


Not all latex manufactures produce non-toxic latex. Latex can be produced with the same chemicals as memory foam using a small amount of rubber. Be careful when you hear terms like "soy latex" or "botanical latex" using a portion of certified latex rubber. 

Certified Organic Materials

A True certified Organic Mattress offers a certifcation for each material seperately. 

60 Day Comfort Exchange

Offering a 60 day comfort exchange on most mattresses in our showroom. 

One Size Fit all? 

Did you know we can create a his and her side with customized support? 


Is your mattress making you Sick? 

About 97% of traditional mattresses made today are made with petroleum based foams. These Polyurethane foams are made with 100% chemicals which emit chemical odors (off gassing) into your home which contriubute to unhealthy indoor air quality. Memory foam has open cell technology which means every time you lay on your memory foam mattress the pressure of your body closes the cells sending chemicals into the air, when you rise from the mattress the cells absorb the air around it to fill the cells structure agian.  A better way to think of it is to think of a balloon filling up and deflating. 
Some memory foams include a strong chemical odors. Most memory foams include known carcinogen chemicals like benzene, napthalene and formaldyhyde. Memory foam is memory foam, some  mattress manufactures mask the chemical smells or green wash their mattresses by adding soy, botanicals, or green tea or even mixing their chemicals with a certified latex. Don't be fooled by the greenwashing.  


Chemical Flame Retardants

In 2007 the governement decided to mandate all mattresses to contain a flame retardant and pass a chemical open flame test. These chemical flame retardants are mesured in pounds and ounces, the chemical compounds containing organohalogen or (OFRS) is a chemical that is widely used in mattresses because they are cheap to produce and easily applied to foam and fabrics. These chemicals have been linked to serious health issues including decreased IQ, learning deficits, hyperactivity, racing heart, reproductive problems, hormonal and immune isues. 
Some Latex manufactures are even adding these chemical compounds to latex to pass the 2007 Flame Retardant standards. These bedding manufactures are not "required" to disclose the use of flame retardants mixed in with their foam or latex.  Which means just because it is latex does not mean it is non-toxic. 
These chemicals are being found in high doses in breast milk, and even infants. Reducing the chemical flame retardants in your home could greatly benefit your over all wellbeing. 
Most Organic manufactures will use a wool barrier to pass the flame retardant open flame test. 


Organic Cotton VS GMO 

We hear it daily here at Sleep Naked... cotton is cotton....right?  No, actually cotton is not cotton.. unless it is certified cotton from actual certified cotton seeds. Most people have no idea that the cotton they "think" is cotton is actually some hybrid man made seed that produces its own pesticides..  most do not understand that even  100% cotton products can be produced very toxic. 
The textile industry uses lots of chemicals to turn coarse fibers into the soft, lustrous, smooth, colorful fabrics we demand. Think of turning organic apples into applesauce: if you added Red Dye #2, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabalizers and other chemicals to the mix, the final product would not be organic applesauce. The same thing happens in textile manufacturing: organic fibers are washed, sized, desized, bleached, dyed, treated with detergents, optical brighteners, biocides, wetting agents, lubricants, sequestering agents, stabilizers, emulsifiers, complexing agents …and more.
And unless the fabrics used in these products had been certified by GOTS, Oeko Tex or another third party to be free from the chemicals (like lead) which are known to harm humans, there is no guarantee that those organically grown fibers were processed safely, without any of the chemicals known to harm humans.


Organic Wool -VS- Certified Wool

Ewes, should know the differnce becasue it matters. All wool is considered "organic" right? it stems from a natural biological process of nature made with the same amino acids as certified wool is made from however, certified wool and organic wool are two different animals.. one's a Ewe, and the other is ewwww..
Seriously, some wool is "certified" and this means that many widely used chemicals cannot be utilised to assist the sheep or the wool processor. These chemical classes include commonly used veterinary medicines such as preventative treatments against lice and flies and internal parasites.
The inability to provide sheep with modern veterinary chemicals and medicines to prevent ill health is a major reason why Certified Wool  is not widely produced and supplies are limited. As an all around animal lover, the fact that all "certified" wool care takers must provide a 100% human shearing of the sheep which means they must not injure the animal during the process, makes me even more happy to buy Certified wool as opposed to organic wool.   


Certified  Latex 

Latex is a naturally occuring organic sap from a rubber tree. The composition of latex differs from plant to plant. Most natural rubber comes from a single species of tree, Hevea brasiliensis. Though native to South America, H. brasiliensis is planted in large plantations in southeast Asia, including Malaysia. Latex is a thick, creamy white, milky emulsion, although sometimes it may be a thin, clear, yellow or orange,  Some mattress brands will claim that they are “natural”, but this does not mean that their mattresses are purely natural latex. Sometimes you will find the mattress is made of a natural and synthetic blend. Synthetic latex is created from the polymerisation of petroleum.
GOLS is the gold standard of the industry and ensures that the latex in the mattress has come from trees which were grown to meet organic practices and the whole manufacturing process was sustainable and eco-friendly. An example of one of the GOLS regulations is that all the trees were grown in an area where no chemical fertilizers were used for at least four years. There are many Organic certifiers now days. Each Certification holds their own industry standards, be sure to know what makes an organic mattress important to you, and do your research first before buying. 

Compare online Beds 

Below is a chart for easy comparison for shopping online for an organic mattress. Many online retailers claim they are 
an "ALL ORGANIC" company even suggest that they have certifications to prove their products 
come from organic sources. Many consumers are not aware of what organic latex looks like, smells like, or even feel like that they are recieving from online retailers. 

NAME Price
100% Organic 
Saatva Luxury$1099NOUnkownNONONOMEMORYNO
Loom & Leaf$1099NO"Thisle"NONONOMEMORYNO
Avacado $1699YESSilicaNONOFALSE 
Nest Bedding$2699YESWoolYESNOYesLATEXYES
Showing entries (filtered from total entries)
* Essentia does have 3 models made with organic latex, the other "natural memory foam" versions are polyurethane blends. 
* Avocado claims to use wool for their flame barrier.. but actually they use silica. Wool is not Certified, Avocado is owned by Brentwood Homes a memory foam mattress maker. 

Brands offered at Sleep Naked

NAME Queen
Starting @
100% Organic

Latex F.A.Q

Most people who are allergic to latex generally have contact dermatitis which causes you to react to chemicals when you touch the latex causing your skin to become red and itchy. Generally the reaction is caused by the chemicals in a very synthetic latex. Please contact our store if you think you may be allergic, we will give you samples to take home to see if you are allergic. 

Each latex has its own feel.
* Dunlop latex is more dense providing a more stable feel, less transfer of motion, and a more firm feel. 
* Talalay latex is more buoyant feel with more motion, while being pushed to the top of the mattress you will have more range of motion using less muscles to move around. 

A great way to think of how they feel is : 
Dunlop = Feels like Brownies  &
Talalay= Feels like angel food cake

We get this question alot here at Sleep Naked Organic Mattress, and the answer is always the same. Depends on Organic or Synthetic.  The more Rubber the latex has in it, the longer lasting it will be. 

Nothing stays the same, ever.  
After owning both Talalay mattresses and Dunlop latex mattresses this is my experience: 

^ Dunlop tends to get a bit firmer throughout the years of use as it compresses it will become more dense and firm. 

^Talalaly seems to stay stable & may become slightly softer as it ages. However if you get a Talalay using high concentrations of rubber it will take a while for this to happen. 


Sleep Naked Organic Mattress CO. in Boca Raton Florida is locally owned and operated with the highest "A+" Rating by the Better Business of South Florida.  We are committed to offering higher business practice standards, while being in good standard with our community and the customers we serve. 

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