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Coil Mattresses

Get the Facts on Coil Mattresses

Lets take a look at what a coil mattress is, and how it is made. 

Coil Mattresses inferior & possibly toxic antenna's

Is 5G yet another conspiracy theory or is it something to really be worried about?

I guess it matters on who you ask, right? Knowing that electronic waves are pulsing around in our air could be something to worry about especially now that 5-G is being widely implimented. In a nutshell 5G is a cellular wireless technology that stands for 5th Generation, this technology will use a much higher frequency than what we are using today in our 4g technology.  While 4g transmits long range freqencies 5G will use shorter range frequencies which means more cell towers are needing to be placed closer to homes in subdivisions and city streets this short range frequency will need to use everything.. in your home and even your body as a source of an antenna,. Everywhere we go our bodies will be zapped by high frequency waves much higher than the body can actually handle, as stated above everything in your home will be a source of transmission, yes including that coil mattress you are sleeping on. If scientiest thought that 4G was bad for the human body, just imagine what 5G will be.  Believe it or not,  electronic frequencies can be used to either heal a body or harm a body.  That is the yen and yang of most things, too much of something can be harmful.. well, researches have now concluded too much wi-fi freqency is a bad thing.  

    * The higher the Speed.. the MORE Radiation!

    * 4G uses a Frequency 6 Ghz 

    * 5G will use a Frequency of 30-33 Ghz 

As I was researching 5G I will admit I came across some crazy psudoscience, and my first reaction was to call it "crazy".  However, the deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole I went, the more factual documention and studies there were, showing how this amplified next generation celluar data system is going to literally cause havoc for our bodies. From what I gather, everything is about to change .. from manufacturing new products like smart dust paint, to marketing.  Knowing that these higher power shorter wave freqencies will use evertyhing that is conducive to energy to work, due to its shorter wave bands..  my next question lead me to ask the question "what about coil mattresses"? Well, at one time, I would have thought this was a laughable argument to make, but I'm just not sure anymore.  

We know that 5G will use anything around it such as steel to provide a wave source or "antenna" We know steel is a wave source.. so, wouldn't it be plausable to think that your body could be laying on 30-33 Ghz of Electromagnatic Frequencies less than 2 inches away from your body for more than 8 hours a day?  I'm sure that can't be healthy. If you ask coil mattress manufactures, they will tell you coils do not transmit EMF's. If you ask the people who know about electromagnectic fileds and energy they will tell you they would or could. I think Im going to go with science on this one.. 

Wi-Fi Quick Look

Lets take a look at wi-fi then and now. This Quick Video Explainer will tell you where we  are quickly going. 

In 2011 the World Health Orginazations Cancer research center classified RFR as a potential 2B carcinogen and specified that electronic energy conducted in high frequencies like 5G could lead to specific forms of brain tumors, skin rashes, headaches and even death, along with DNA-Strand breakages and tissue damage. Over 90% of microwave radiation is absorbed by the epidermis and dermis layers of skin, which means our sweat ducts act as a human antenna soaking up the microwave radiation like a sponge. 

In 2016 The United States Government passed The Mobile Now Act which calls for most major phone companies to enforce their 5G agenda. Despite research showing serious threats to humans, animals and the planet. Below are just a few of the issues you may be experiencing due to 5G or 4G.   High pitched ringing in the ears *Dizziness *Disturbed sleep at night *Sleepiness in daytime * Anxiety* Pain in muscles and joints*Pain in the region of the heart*Breathing difficulties. 

Coil Mattress & Magnetic Fields

Cool mattresses could interfere with your bodies natural magnetic fields with or with out wi-fi.   

Mattress Coils what are they?

Mattress coils are made of steel. Some coils are made with a thin guage wire or a thick guage wire. The higher the number the thinner the wire. There are several ways to manufacture coils. Our old trusted coil was called the bonnel coil which in my opinion is "steel" the best, this coild is designed with a thicker coil wire, which attached all coils together with a helical lacing. The helical lacing helps to keep the bonnel coil pressurized when weight is applied. This is the coil we all grew up on, and lasted for years. 


Pocketed Coil System: 

Aside from the Bonnel coil system The new designed coil is called a "pocketed coil" which to me is an inferior product and does not withstand time. These coils are encapuslated in plastic material that wears out, the coils will puncture the "pockets" and the coils will spring out of the bags causing the coil to lose its tension or "sping back". Many organic mattress  manufactures make their mattressess with these coils, instead of saying they wrap their coils in plastic they will use the term
*GOTS-approved polyester fabric (Naturpedic)  
* Organic PLA manufacted from Potatoes..  or even goes as far as to call their plastic coil encasement "fabric" (Avocado)  
 but really.. why buy an organic mattress with plastic doesn't it just defet the purpose of an organic mattress? 


Latex or Coil? 

Latexco a Leading latex manufacture performed a simple emf reading on "pocketed" coils, which leading organic mattress manufacures claim to have no EMF reading due to the plastic fabric they have around the steel. I think this proves the point. 

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