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Organic Mattress Toppers

Mattress Toppers are very Important to Organic Mattress users heres why

Latex mattresses are made to last. Providing your body with the support you need for many years. Natural Organic Mattress manufactures do not build pillowtops into the mattress for a very specific reason, pillow tops will give out before the actual mattress does. In the organic bedding world you will find that we utilize organic toppers to the outside of the mattress for added pressure point relief, and the ability to customize, change and pin point the exact type of topper needed to provide additional support and relief to your body.   Mattress toppers allow you to sleep on top of the pillowtop, and once that topper wears out you can purchase a new topper instead of a new mattress. Over time as our bodies change you may need a softer topper than what you are normally sleep on, your hips may become a little fragile and your back may need more cushion, with a natural latex mattress there is no need to buy a new mattress every 6 years all you need ot do is  buy a new topper.
 saving you tons of money and time in the long run. 
FACT: In a convention mattres the pillowtop wears out before the coils do typically.

  1. Wool Toppers - Wool Toppers will give you a soft snuggle in feeling just like an expensive hotel bed feels like. Many people associate wool with heat but that is not true. Wool is insulating meaning it keeps your body at optimal temp.  Wool toppers generally last 1-3 years depending on use and how well you care for it. Each Brand of wool toppers will offer their own warranties and care instructions.
  2. Dunlop Toppers- Dunlop Toppers will come in various heights and firmnesses. Dunlop is a dense material so dunlop latex will provide a firmer feeling mattress topper. Dunlop firmness can range between firm, medium and soft. 
  3. Talalay Toppers -For additional softness, and extra bounce I always suggest a talalay topper depending on your body weight and your sleeping postion we have several options to choose from. 

Wool and Latex

The best of both worlds, a firm latex middle with the soft plushness of wool on the outter parts of the topper. This topper is hand tufted with organic cotton buttons and available in all sizes. These are all handmade to order. The Depth of each topper will vary

INCHES: 3" -4" 
FEEL: Medium Firm Pillowtop


Delux Wool Topper

Holy Lamb Organics is a US based company who specializes in organic wool and cotton products. Our favorite wool topper is definately the delux wool topper it provides a luxurious softness to any mattress. This topper is truly extrodanary. These are all handmade to order. The Depth of each topper will vary

Certified: GOTS
Inches: 4" or a 2" Topper 
FEEL: Soft Plush 


Verona Dunlop Topper

Need just a little pressure point relief? Try this 2" medium firm organic dunlop topper from OMI. this offers pressure relief without making your mattress too soft. 
Certified: GOTS & GOLS 
Inches: 1.5"" to 2" Topper
FEEL: med/ firm


Vitality Topper 

Most popular and most loved toppers in the soft latex class. This talalay topper is offers superior comfort and pressure relief. The topper has an organic cotton knit casing and supoer soft talay inside. 
Certified: GOTS & ECO
Inches:3" Topper
FEEL: Soft Plush 


Wavy Topper 

The wave topper by OMI is a 3.5" supportive dunlop topper. One side offers a sculpted "wave" latex to help with pressure relief, and the other side is flat. This beautiful topper is wrapped in OMI's signature cotton that provides natural cooling. 
Certified: GOTS & GOLS 
Inches: 4"  Topper
FEEL: Soft Plush 


Pure Talalay Topper

Pure Talalay Bliss offers a 3" topper and a 2" topper in both soft and firm. Sleep Naked only offers the softer feeling topper. This topper offers a great uplifting bouncy feel with OPTIMAL pressure point relief. The zipper encasement is a wave pattern knit fabric made out of rayon, not organic material which allows for the toppers to be washed and dried in your washing machine. The Product is Oeko-Tex certfied tht the product is not harmful to children or animals. 

Certified: Oeko-Tex  
Inches: 3" Topper
FEEL: Soft Plush or Firm (not on display)


Sleep Naked Organic Mattress CO. in Boca Raton Florida is locally owned and operated with the highest "A+" Rating by the Better Business of South Florida.  We are committed to offering higher business practice standards, while being in good standard with our community and the customers we serve. 

Normal Hours:
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We do close some days between 2:00-3:00 for School Pick up. 
Please call before coming during that time


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Some days we do close between 2:00 to 3:00 for school pick-up. 

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