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Obasan Organic Mattress

Obasan Organic mattresses are the ulitmate organic sleep system. 
Beauty, sophistication and customized support. 

Obasan, a Canadian owned company has lead the charge in organic luxury mattresses for over 20 years. 


Experience the worlds finest organic mattress in our showroom in late March. 
Offering the finest organic materials, combined with years of experience in designing the worlds most Luxurious Organic mattress. 

Obasan Coming Soon


Obasan 6" Childrens

This 2 layer mattress features 3" of firm latex on one side, and a medium layer on the other. A perfect combination for a growing child. Great for children under 140 lbs. 
Availabe in Twin, Full and Queen 
Prices Starting at:


8" Essential Mattress

This 8" mattress is made with two 3" layers of organic latex and a layer of 2" soft layer on top.  3+3+2 Your choice of layering selection. Visit Our store to customize your fit in a Dual Split Combination. 
Availabe in Twin, Full, Queen, and King 
Prices Starting at:
$1739 - $3499


9" Essential Mattress

Customize this dual split Obasan Essentials mattress in any combanation of firm, medium or soft latex. This mattress offers a 3 layers of 3" latex.  3+3+3 
Availabe in Twin, Twinxl, Full, Queen, King & Cal-King 
Prices starting at: 
$2100 - $4099


10"Studio Mattress

Luxurious Support with 6 customization layers, starting with bottom layer of 4" of firm or medium customize the middle section with head, back and leg support, then add another 2" layer for a floating soft feel. 
Available in all sizes 
Prices Starting at: 
$2639 to $5279


12" Studio Mattress 

No two bodies are the same, thats why this mattress is more than just a mattress, it is a complete customized sleep system offering a full 12" of 3-4" layers of support. This mattress offers the most custom luxurious feel you can find in an organic mattress. Available in all sizes 
Prices Starting at: 
$2999- $5990


GOTS Certified Cotton


GOLS Certified Latex 


OIA Certified Organic Wool 

Normal Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 
11:00 to 6:00 
We do close some days between 2:00-3:00 for School Pick up. 
Please call before coming during that time


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