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Organic Mattress Inc

The OMI diffrence is clear to see, feel and smell. The only organic mattress manufacture in North America that offers a "Purity Guarantee" to every mattress they produce. Each mattress is produced with the highest standards.
OMI is the only organic mattress manufacturing bedding company that produces their mattresses, foundations, and bedding onsite and handmade from start to finish. 
OMI's factory utilizes a specially designed, custom ozone chamber system that reduces mildew, yeast, and bacteria that may have traveled with the raw material. 

A book titled "Sleep Safe in a Toxic Bedroom" was written by the owner of OMI. Walter Bader lead the charge in educating the masses on the toxic chemicals found in our mattresses, furniture and our linen. Walter Bader's book has enlighted many of Americans and became a Best Selling Book. 

walter bader book

Organic Mattress Inc. 

Organic Mattress Inc. offers 15 different mattress options ranging in comfort from extra firm, firm, medium, soft and extra soft.
All of their mattresses are made to order assuring you get a clean handmade mattress everytime from their organic facility in Northern California. Some of their mattress are made with the ability to customize each zone while others are made for you using a glue to secure the layers in place .

Sleep Naked Organic Mattress Co. displays 7 models out of the 15 offered by Organicpedic. 

  1. Luxury Plush - OMI's Luxury Plush latex mattress models are our #1 selling mattresses in the OMI brands. Our customer love the plush cradeling feel these mattresses give them. Great for side sleepers and back sleepers. 
  2. Medium Firm  -OMI's offers a firm medium support thats great for all types of sleepers. Stomach, back and side. If you prefer sleeping on a medium feeling mattress without the softness most mattresses provide then take a look. 
  3. Firm  - OMI's luxury firm mattresses offer a cradling uplifting support to keep the spine in complete alignment. Most back and tummy sleepers enjoy the feel of OMI's luxury firm mattresses. We offer several models. 

Mattresses on Display at Sleep Naked Boca

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81 Luxury Mattress

The 81 Mattress is a custom mattress allowing each sleeper to customize their bodies sleeping zones for neck, torso, and hips 4 unique latex feels ranging in extra soft, soft, medium and firm. This is an heirloom mattress that you will never outgrow as it changes with your body throughout the aging process. This mattress comes in a king or a queen option. 


Luxury Pinnacle Pillowtop

The Pinnacle mattress from OMI is considered the Pinnacle in success. This mattress gives a gently pushes you to the top of the mattress for complete comfort and spinal alignment. The Pinnacle is a double sided mattress allowing you to flip the mattress for even wear, the comfort layer is built for dual comfort a sculpted side and a flat side which provides the sleeper with multiple options of softness.


Terra Luxury Pillowtop 

The Terra Mattress is a soft supportive GOLS certified latex mattress with a 3.5" removable soft sculpted pillowtop with an old world button down style anchor. This mattress has a dreamy feel, 


Duo Mattress 
3 Layer support

The OrganicPedic Duo mattress is a fully customizable mattress with 3 layers of GOLS certified organic rubber latex in soft, medium, firm and extra soft scultped firmness layers. OMI provides each layer with a finished look by encasing each layer of latex with a certified organic cotton knit casings that help protect the layers from drying out, and adds life to the mattress and its latex layers. This custom mattress allows each sleeper to create the perfect feeling mattress for each partner. The mattress is encased with a durable woven knit GOTS certified cotton encasement with a durable brass zipper.

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Flora Mattress 

Flora Mattress by OMI

The OrganicPedic® Flora™ is a two-sided, 8" flat-surface organic mattress made with three layers of GOLS-certified organic natural rubber latex. The 3" firm latex inner core is sandwiched between two layers of 2" soft latex and covered with our signature OrganicPedic® knit quilting.


Rossa Coil Mattress

The Rossa™ certified organic mattress is a customizable one-sided zipper-cover mattress. It features pocket-coil technology, encased in natural biodegradable materials, paired with a certified organic latex layer on the surface. Choose a split or solid latex comfort layer with firmness options in plush, medium, or firm. A sculpted surface is available at an additional charge to add pressure-point relief and increase air circulation, helping sleepers stay cool and comfortable. The pocket-coil springs are placed in a certified organic cotton encasement to prevent shifting over time. Covered in 10-oz. certified organic cotton on the bottom, the organic mattress is finished with our signature quilted woven cover.


Cascade Mattress

The Cascade is made with an all natural GOTS certified natural rubber latex wrapped in a soft GOTS certified organic cotton cover. The mattress is handcrafted by Organic Mattress Elves in Yuba California by Organicpedic by OMI's Eco and GOTS certified facility. The mattress has a nice firm core with a sculpted soft/medium layer on the top.


GOLS Certified




GOTS Certified 




Certified cotton

ozone sanitized mattress

Made in USA 

Highest Certification Process

Organicpedic holds each material to the highest standards. Backing each certified product with THEIR OWN certifications! No other Organic Mattress company does this, most use the manufactures certifications . 
OMI was the first company to achieve "Certified Organic" status for a complex textile mattress the first to prove that certified-organic mattresses could pass flammability regulations without fire barriers or suppressants; the first to develop a method of sanitizing certified organic raw materials; and the first to use certified organic 100%-natural latex cores in its products. 
Yes.. they practice what they preach! 


OMI is the only organic mattress company to sanitize their certified organic raw materials to ensure consumers of their purity in a Eco-Factory™ – a large-scale, GOTS-certified sleep-products manufacturing facility – has its own proprietary ozone cleaning chambers that reduce naturally occurring contaminants such as mold and mildew spores, yeasts, and bacteria.


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Some days we do close between 2:00 to 3:00 for school pick-up. 

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