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SavvyRest Organic

Mattresses, Pillows, Sheets & Furniture

SavvyRest Certified Organic Mattress

Savvyrest organic mattresses are made with layers of Soft, Medium or Firm natural latex foam rubber, in a wide range of custom combinations giving the sleeper a way to create a personalized comfort. Often couples have different sleeping styles and body styles requiring a different firmness, when that happens we can customize each side giving each partner their own sleeping surface. 
The core components are layers of natural Dunlop or Talalay latex foam or a mixture of both.
The casings are made with certified organic cotton with certified organic wool as the flame barrier which is sandwiched between the cotton fabric. Wool will not touch your skin. 


  • NO Glue - Savvyrest Organic mattress is designed to use no glues or adhesives in their mattresses. Just Layer your mattress and zip! . 
  • NO Chemicals Flame Retardants:  Savvyrest Organic mattress only uses wool as their flame retardants .. No Silica, No chemicals, just lovely natural wool!
  • NO Bleach OR Dyes: No Bleach, whiteners, or dyes...  just Organic Cotton

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Savvy Rest Organic Mattress 

Get an inside scoop on who Savvyrest is and what they do. SavvyRest natural mattress are committed to a better planet and safer sleep.

  1. 100% Certified Organic  Cotton  Made without bleach or dyes                                         
  2. 100% Certified Organic Latex (dunlop or talalay) in firm, med or soft layers                
  3. 100% Organic Wool used as the flame barrier, no silica is used in the wool                
  4. 100% Certified Organic Facility for furniture, wood, and mattress. 

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Three Steps to Customize your Mattress

The first step to a custom sleep product is preparing yourself and your mind.
This takes a little bit of time, so we reccomend an appointment so you do not feel rushed. 



An Educated customer is a customer for life! 
We ask that you research
Dunlop & Talalay Latex Prior to visiting the store. 
Each have their own unique quality and offer a diffent support or feel


How do you Sleep?

For a few days prior to coming in to customize a Savvyrest Latex mattress pay attention to how you fall asleep, wake up, and if you have any aches or pains caused by the mattress during the night.


Measure Your Needs

Our mattresses come in many heights ranging from 6" to 16" in depth. We encourge everyone to measure your bedroom needs prior to coming in. 

SavvyRest Custom Mattress

Made Just for you

Customize a SavvyRest 

Knowing that you are walking into a store to customize your own mattress made just for you and your partner is so rewarding! With Savvyrest you and your partner can choose your own personal range of firmness or softness for each side and still have the same mattress. Some people think this would be an overwhelming experience but it is not.. its fun, and rewarding! Just know you are doing this for your health! 

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Pricing for a SavvyRest mattress will differ depending on how many layers of latex you use to cutomize your mattress with and what type of latex you use to layer your mattress (Talalay or Dunlop). Savvyrest offers a 3 layer mattress filled with organic GOLS certified latex  "Serenity" mattress and a pillowtop version called the the "Unity" Mattress. Most people who sleep on their backs prefer the Serenity while most side sleepers and back sleepers prefer the Unity.  Each side can be customized to fit the individual sleeper, so never again should you have to comprimise in a marriage... well, should I say "comprimise on your sleep" during a marriage. 
Let us know if you would like to schedule a one on one appointment or visit our store during normal business hours. 


Serenity Mattress (3 Layer) 

Savvyrest flagship mattress is made to order with its personlized combinations of Soft, Med, or Firm layers of GOLS certified Dunlop or Talalay latex stacked together without glue and encased in a GOTS certified zipper encasement. 
* See Store For Pricing
Available in all Sizes 


Unity Mattress (4 Layer) Pillowtop

The Unity Pillow-top mattress is a Serenity 3 layer latex mattress with an amazing custom fitted pillowtop which allows you to open the pillowtops zipper encasement and exchange the layers as needed with layers inside your mattress. If she prefers a soft latex and he prefers a med latex topper ... you can live in unity and harmony with this Harmony Topper
* See Store for Pricing 
Available in all size. 


Coil and Latex Mattress

The Earthspring mattress is one of our favorite kids and guest room style mattresses. The Earthspring is made with recylcled steel bonnel coils, edge support, and 3" of Medium GOLS certified dunlop latex on top. This medium feel mattress offers great support, No chemical flame retardants and a small depth of only 10" which is perfect for kids and todays beds.  *see store for pricing
Available in Twin, Full and Queen only. 

Assembly of SavvyRest

Those who purchase from Sleep Naked Organic Mattress Co. can opt for our 
Delivery & Setup for a small additional fee or if you are feeling
sporty, you can set it up yourself! 
This Video will help you decide-

In this video you will see how to assemble a SavvyRest Natural Mattress 

Bed Frames & Foundations

SavvyRest offers a great addition to any bedroom with their beautifully crafted natural platform beds. These hand built beds and foundations are made in Central Virgina in their own custom wood shop. SavvyRest Platform beds and platform inserts offer a natural look to any room decor. These beds are made with old school techniques using an "old school" joinery method which gives these beds a durability to withstand anything. For an additional price they offer a low VOC finish giving your bed a look and feel of modern furniture. They offer their low VOC finishes in Linseed, Cedar, Mohogony, and walnut. 


Afton Wooden Platform Bed

When a room requires simplicity the Afton bed is perfect for your needs. This bed is made with real maple wood, and sold in its raw natural finish unless you require a Low VOC finish. This bed frame is easy to assemble with one person, and comes in all sizes. 
This bed is 16" from floor to slats giving ample room for a trudle or storage underneath. 
Pricing: $799 - $1199 (finshes additional) 


Esmont Wooden Platform Bed

The Afton.. Only better. The Esmont offers the same durable constrution as the Afton bed only with a headboard that allows you to move the slats of the headboard to adjust how you would like the look by using dowels in the headboard for spacing. This bed frame is simple and easy to assemble and stands 16" tall from the floor to slats. 
Pricing: $1399- $2199 (finishes additional)


Platform Bed Insert

This maple platform insert is very popular with organic shoppers. Helps to elimiate dustmites for those who are allergic because there is no fabric that allows dustmites to live and breed. This platform insert allows for perfect support and breathability for your heavy latex mattress various heights in a 5" 7" or standard 9" 
if you prefer you can get a cover for additional
Price. (See stores for Pricing and needs) 

SavvyRest Certifications 

Savvyrest uses both their manufactures certifications along with some of their own. Savvyrest assures the quility 
of each of their products are kept and met with every product they produce and provide
in the manufacturing of their mattresses, pillows, and furniture.

Item:  CertifiedGOTS GOLS ECO Cradle to Cradle Green Guard
Dunlop Latex YYY
Talalay LatexY  YY
Cotton YY
Wool YY    
Finished ProductYYYYYY
YY   Y

Normal Hours:
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We do close some days between 2:00-3:00 for School Pick up. 
Please call before coming during that time


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Some days we do close between 2:00 to 3:00 for school pick-up. 

Please call first between these hours to assure someone is here. 

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