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Pure Talalay Bliss

100% Talalay Latex
Featuring The Worlds Best Bed... 

Talalay Mattress Collection 

Nature is the genius behind Talalay with TalaFlex open cell technology. The eco-friendly process simply enhances natures blueprint by utilizing technology to advance the latex process. Talalay is naturally more breathable and cool. 
The result truly is Earths most Perfect Sleep Material offering a uniquely buoyant and responsive support, exceptional breathablility for luxurious all-night comfort and support. When it comes to a perfect nights sleep, you can always depend on sleeping in Pure Bliss Comfort. 
The Talalay in Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses is classified as healthy and granted a Class 1 Certification by Oeko-Tex, the Europeans standard organization for textile and health standards. 

Pure Talalay Bliss_ Floating


Pure Talalay Bliss was granted a Class 1 Certification from Oeko-Tex as baby safe. 
If other organic products do not suit your sleep prefrence rest assured Pure Talalay Bliss can. 


Luxurious American Made Talalay 

Pure Talalay Bliss is manufactured with a very high content of rubber sap. These mattresses are produced with the highest content of rubber than most talalay latex. 

Pure Talalay Bliss Adjustable Base

Adjustable Base Friendly

Pure Talalay Bliss is 100% Latex which means it offers amazing movement and range of motion when placed on an adjustable base. We reccomend an adjustable base instead of foundations. 


13" Worlds Best 

The Worlds Best mattress by Pure Talalay Bliss is a master piece design. Crafted to give you both a soft luxurious feel while giving you a med/firm support. The Worlds Best bed is infused with carbon which gives the mattress a more dense feel, than regular talalay. This 13" mattress is made with a large content of rubber latex, it is certified by Oeko- Tex as being safe for humans and babies. The Worlds Best offers a breathable design with a "floating effect" 
Come in today to try the Worlds Best Bed by Pure Talalay.. 


12" Beautiful Mattress

Signature Design mattress that offers a plush-cloud softness. Designed to lift your body and its weight for a weightless feel. Made with 100% Talalay Latex, the Beautiful mattress allows you to sleep directly on the surface of the mattress instead of inside the mattress which holds heat. All Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses are made for open air-flow keeping you cool at night without "gel-like" toxic chemicals.


11" Nutrition Mattress

The 11" Nutrition mattress is made with 100% Pure Talalay Latex from top to bottom, this mattress provides a medium firm feel with a firm latex core for excellent spinal alignment and a soft top area for wonderful pressure point relief.


10" Nature Mattress

The Nature Mattress by Pure Talalay Bliss has a firmer feel than the other options available from Pure Talalay Bliss. We Consider this a Medium Plush latex mattress rather than a hard.


Pure Talalay Bliss Warranty 

Pure Talalay Bliss offers an amazing 15-20 year warranty. Please take a look at the warranty this mattress provides using the link below.

Pure Talalay Bliss 


3" Pure Talalay Bliss Topper

Pure Talalay Bliss offers two talalay toppers to choose from a Firm Topper and a Plush Topper. 
Toppers Starting at $499-$899 


Talalay Pillows 

Pure Talalay Bliss offers their own pillows, which are one of Sleep Naked Organic Mattress Co. top sellers. This pillow is great at keeping the neck lifted and supported. Comes in Queen only. 


2" Pure Talalay Bliss Topper

Add a gentle softness support layer to your existing mattress or to any mattress in our store. Most people love this pillowtop because you have the ability to unzip the cover and wash with ease. 


4" Bliss Dog Bed 

Give your dog the very best. This 4" thick dog bed is wonderful for large or small dogs. It offers a removable and washable cover, breathable and supportive. Our Dog loves sleeping on her Dog bed. 



Good Credit, Bad Credit.. NO Credit? 
Need a little extra time to pay off your purchase? for $40 down you can walk out of our store with a new organic mattress. 
* $40 down and 100 Days to pay 
*  Extended payment options for a fee

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