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Lets Compare Latex 
To see how they Stack up- 

When looking for a natural organic latex mattress it is important to understand the terminology used in some of the advertisments. Many manufactures are green washing you, without you even knowing the difference. Below we will take a look at some of them. 

Often times consumers searching for an organic mattress become overloaded with too much info and resort to the quickest and easiest option available... online. Which can resort to sleeping very poorly, sending the mattress back, and starting the process all over again. Turning Mattress Shoppin into a nightmare, not a sweet dream. 

Organic, Natural, Synthetic.. What to buy? 

The owner of Sleep Naked Organic Mattress CO. was in the same exact shoes you are in now. She understands the confusion and frustration you are having to go through. Trying to muddle through the mattress industries maze of amazing marketing whiz kids. 

If you understand the lingo and terminology it could help you understand more. 

The key component in a natural latex mattress is ...  all Latex so lets start with understanding latex. Latex provides the pressure relief and the support that goes into an organic mattress, unless you buy a coil mattress which I would highly discourge you from doing for reasons we will discuss on another page.  Rubber is a liquid from the sap of a rubber tree. Rubber is a natural organically occuring part of nature. Dunlop and Talalay are the processes mattress manufactures use to process the rubber liquid into sheets of formed latex. Once you understand the basics of that.. the rest gets easier to understand. 

Rubber is Organic > Grows on Trees> Latex is made when rubber is converted into formed product. > Talalay is a form or Manufacturing process> Dunlop is a Manufacturing process. 

Blended Latex 


Blended Latex 

"Blender" latex is a bunch of stuff mixed into a blender to produce something you may not want to sleep on. Blended latex uses a small percentage of rubber and a large percentage of chemicals and petroleum. 
Blended Latex:  Blended latex can be made in a dunlop method of pour and bake or a talalay method which is vulcanized and frozen. Many latex manufacutres who manufacture polyurethane foams and non certified latex will produce a blended foam as a cheaper option for mattress maufactures.
Natural Memory Foam Latex?: There is a mattress manufacture from Canada who claims their blended foam is 100% natural, and made without chemicals only using seed oils in their mattresses. - Don't be fooled
What Chemicals are in Blended? I'v spoken to many latex manufactures, I'v traveled to see the factories in which latex is made. I'v asked what is in Blended latex many times, and the answer is always the same. "its a secret recipe" and refuse to disclose. There are many different variations of Blended most using oil from petroleum. Some manufactures even try to say they use Grapeseed oil, natural jasmine oils or some other type of oil to produce their blended products.. but, Iv been told it cant be done unless polymers are used to bind the oils and latex together. (chemicals and petro

100% Natural Latex


Latex Beds are never  100%

So remember when I explained that dunlop or talalay is the process in which rubber was made into latex? Well, see thats where advertisers get you. Yes, of course your mattress is made of 100% latex, but its not made of 100% rubber. So when you see ads boasting 100% natural latex mattresses.. Your ears should perk up like kid who hears a candy wrapper sound from the next room. 100% natural rubber does go into the making of natural latex, but what portion of the rubber is mixed in with chemicals? ... Natural latex can be produced talalay or dunlop. You will never know if your mattress contains a little or a lot of rubber. Thats why you MUST work with a reputable retailer. Some manufactures will post their certificates online claiming to have Certified latex products only to give you synthetic products. exchange. Its not like latex has a stamp on it that says ... This stuff is made without Formydehyde, polymers or toxic pesticides... so unless you really know latex avoid online dealers. 

Certified Organic Latex 


Cerified Latex
the good stuff 

USDA standard latex begins on the rubber farm where, pesticides can not be used to farm the trees on the rubber plantation for at least 4 years prior to planting, the trees must only be harvested 2 a year, the sap must be washed with a natural soap, and only certian additives can be added to produce the latex. The rubber must be certified first to be considered certified latex. Remember, manufactures can use "certified rubber" to mix their Blended latex ... so don't be fooled by the certifications. Certifications to look for GOLS-GOTS-OKEO-TEX These are my go-to standards. You must read that the certification is issued to the manufacture to see which contents are certified organic. You may find only 30% of the cotton used in the encasement of a mattress is GOTS certified or you may find that they use only 30% GOLS latex (usually only a layer of latex) on the inside of the mattress while the other is a blended latex. Do you see how they find ways to trick you? .. Gotta watch the bouncing ball... or it will hit you in the head

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